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At Whitehouse Productions we are passionately creative in business and in life.  Our creative working space is a 1200 square-foot facility that feels like home so our clients feel comfortable.  We are a private appointment only production company that offers professional audio recording, mixing, mastering and artist development in virtually all genres of music.

Whitehouse Productions was designed to be THE go-to place for local musicians and national artists alike.  The goal: Bring a little Atlanta and L.A. to the small town…for a reasonable price!  As a full production company we also offer our clients videography and photography and can offer professional recording and video for special events.

Meet The Team At Whitehouse Productions

At Whitehouse Productions we work as a team to provide our clients with a professional and positive experience.


Tracking is the single most important part of the production process.  Aside from the musicians being well rehearsed and playing their parts as well as possible, there is a technical aspect that is equally important. Having the right room, microphones for a given instrument, microphone techniques and placement and front-end equipment play a big role in the sonic imprint of the recording.

Whitehouse Productions provides its clients with a wonderful sounding acoustic space and a great pallet of sounds to chose from via a great selection of microphones, preamps and compressors.

Mixing is the process of EQ-ing, processing, and balancing multiple sources in a recording into a two-channel pre-master.  The goal is to make the recording sound as good as possible for the mastering process.  Beyond basic mixing treatment, the mix process actually takes on an important creative role in itself.

Adding reverbs, delays, panoramic placement, creative processing and editing will add elements to the song that the artist or producer may never had thought of.  Having the right mix engineer is imperative and can take a good song to a whole new level.

Mastering is the final step in the production process.  Equally important as the mix, mastering can make or break a great mix.  A good way to describe the end result of a good master is that it imparts a special magic to track(s).

The mastering engineer is responsible for final equalization, leveling, and dynamics processing and song spacing of the two-track mix.  As well, they add proper codes to the master for CD the replication plant.

Integrating video into any marketing plan is a must if you want to take advantage of today’s audience.  There’s more to video than just pressing the record button!  We start by creating a storyboard and shot list that artistically captures your project with ideas and style unique to Whitehouse Productions.

We use the latest software for editing, color grading and any additional necessary components needed to deliver a high quality product.

You put lots of time into songwriting, recording and performing, while most of the time the visual story is just an afterthought.  We live in a visual world, album art and promotional materials are usually the first impression, which can influence the ears before the “play” button is ever pushed.

Social media is the ultimate platform from which a band can grow a large fan base.  To do this you need to frequently update promotional materials to keep your fans engaged and interested.

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