Thank you for visiting Whitehouse Productions…the musician’s and producer’s playground of Central Wisconsin!  This 1200 square-foot facility serves the Upper Mid-West with professional audio recording, mixing, mastering and artist development services in virtually all genres of music.

Owners Marty Cheyka and Shelby Cheyka (formerly Shelby Norman – Interscope Recording artist) opened Whitehouse Productions 11 years ago after re-locating from Atlanta, GA.  After taking a much needed break from the “music business” they decided to start anew by building a brand new studio from the ground up.  The studio was designed to be THE go-to place for local musicians and national artists alike.  The goal: Bring a little Atlanta and L.A. to the small town…for a reasonable price!

Both Marty and Shelby have had the pleasure of working on a one-to-one basis with industry icons like Jimmy Iovine, Timbaland, Scott Storch and Jimmy Douglass to name a few.   During Shelby’s record deal with Interscope/Universal, as her producer Marty honed his engineering skills in the best rooms and behind the finest consoles in Tree Sound (Atlanta), Stonehenge/ZAC (Atlanta), Lakeside Studios (Atlanta), Westlake Audio (Los Angeles), Manhattan Sound (New York), Doppler (Atlanta) and many more.

Currently the Whitehouse Productions team is running full steam ahead!  Continuing working relationships with labels, publishers, writer, artists, licensing teams and more gives Whitehouse Productions the ability to help their clients achieve their goals.

Whitehouse Productions is located in a rural area of Wausau, WI and is available by appointment only!
It’s comfortable environment, friendly, low-key atmosphere and professional staff make working on any project at Whitehouse Productions a fun and rewarding experience.