Band Photography

Whether it be an album cover or promotional material, an important marketing element of an artist or band are pictures.  You put lots of time into songwriting, recording and performing, while most of the time the visual story is just an after thought.  How you present yourself is very important!  We live in a visual world, album art and promotional materials are usually the first impression, which can influence the ears before the “play” button is ever pushed.  Social media is the ultimate platform from which a band can grow a large fan base.  To do this you need to frequently update promotional materials to keep your fans engaged and interested.

We are touring musicians ourselves and know how hard it is to obtain professional photos on a struggling musicians budget.

  • There is no licensing fee!  Most photographers will make you pay an extra fee for commercial use.
  • We also do not charge per picture.
  • We charge one flat rate for a session. Excluding the cost of prints.
  • You will be given all your final edited pictures on a USB drive.
  • You can use our photos however you’d like, but we do ask that you give us credit.