Control Room

Whitehouse Productions’ control room has a great vibe!  Built to have the perfect balance between beauty and function, it was designed for mixing / editing in stereo and cutting full bands.  You’ll immediately be at ease in this room – Its comfortable and cozy, full of gear and wood :-), with enough room to seat nine people.

Designed around a Mac Pro 8 Core ProTools HD 3 Accel rig with 32 Ins and 32 Outs, trackcount and processing is never a worry.  A compliment of  today’s finest and yesteryear’s prized pieces grace the outboard racks.  Equipment from API, SSL, Neve, Amek, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Vintech, Empirical Labs, Audient and Avalon allow for a virtually endless pallet of sounds from clean to dirty!

The console is a Digidesign/AVID Control 24 control surface with monitoring via Dynaudio, JBL and KRK.

The control room has excellent sight lines to both the main room and vocal booth, and of course, WiFi is complimentary.