Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I tour the studio and take a listen?
A: Yes, of course!  We ask that you call or email to make an appointment.  Whitehouse Productions is not open to the general walkups.  It is by appointment only.

Q: Why should I record with Whitehouse Productions?
A: Whitehouse Productions offers what many studios in the area don’t!  A great sounding room(s), excellent production and engineering team with major label experience, a wonderful selection of microphones and outboard gear and more.  In addition, the vibe is low key and never sterile.  We want to have fun and make great sounding records!  Feel free to listen to previous clients recordings.  We believe those recordings will stand on their own…you decide!

Q: How much will it be to record my album or song?
A: We get this question a lot and the answer isn’t as easy as throwing out a dollar amount.  There are many factors involved in quoting a song or album.  It is best that you contact us.  However, the hourly rate for the studio, including the engineer, is $70.

Q: Is setup time charged as studio time?
A: Yes.  Because setup requires the engineer being present to start micing, setting up cues, and patching things in, it is treated as typical studio time.  As well, please be aware that setup for a band can take as long as 5 hours depending on the complexity of the session.  Usually it takes about 2 hours for drums, another hour for guitars, bass and vocal and then another hour or so to setup cue mixes.

Q: Where do I start?  How do I book a session?
A: Give us a call or email and we can walk you through the process.  Booking a session or series of sessions is as easy as finding the time on the schedule that best suit your needs.  A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of booking the session.  All remaining balances are to be paid at the end of the days session.

Q: What payment options do you provide?
A: We accept cash, certified bank check or credit card via PayPal.  No personal checks please.

Q; Do you have a minimum session time?
A: Yes.  The minimum session booking is three hours.  However, if doing a simple voiceover, we can make accommodations.   Please contact us if you have questions.

Q: Can I use the studio instruments for my session?  How about amps?
A: Yes and No.  :-0  The availability is on a per session basis.  Many of the instruments are extremely expensive pieces.  However, if use of the instruments is negotiated as part of the session, the client is responsible for any and all damages if they do occur.  Amplifiers on the other hand are available for use during any session.  As with the instruments, the client is fully responsible for damages.

Q: Does Whitehouse Productions offer CD duplication or replication?
A: Yes.  We offer CD replication through various third party replication houses.  It can be a daunting task getting your CD audio/art in order with out any errors.  We can take care of it for you.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my session?
A: In one word…PRACTICE!  The number one thing that comes up in every session is the band is not practiced enough.  It is important that members literally pick apart their playing and make sure everybody is on the same page.  Nothing eats up studio time more than a person trying to relearn their parts!  We also advise that you practice to a click and record yourself with a pocket recorder to listen back and critique yourself.  Be well rehearsed and you’ll save a ton of money!