(Photo left to right) Austin Maas, Joel Neilsen, Marty Cheyka, Dan Cable, Charlie Strong.

Local producer, Joel Neilsen, was in the studio recently cutting drums and bass for an ongoing project that he’s working on. All I can say is “Wow”!!! These songs are great! Very well written with amazing hooks. I know when Joel gets finished with them, they are going to be wonderful. I get the 2nd copy!

It was an interesting project in that we had some unique technological challenges to overcome – the guide tracks that we were cutting to were a single vocal and guitar….from YouTube…and they weren’t recorded to a click! Actually everything worked out great though. After we finished each drum track, we’d move to the bass track. While the bass track was being cut, the drummer (Dan Cable) was busy re-aligning the next song’s guide track to a new timeline/click. It was extremely efficient and we ended up finishing six songs in only two-and-a-half days!

Producer: Joel Neilsen
Engineer: Marty Cheyka
Assistant Engineer: Austin Maas
Drums: Dan Cable
Bass: Charlie Strong

Tech Notes:


Drum Kit – Yamaha Oak Custom

Snare(s) – Yamaha, Allegra, Pork Pie

Cymbals – Meinl Byzance Vintage

Microphones – Oceanus, C414 XLIIs, KM184s, M201s, KSM44s, SM81s, MD421s, Beta 52, Sub Kick

Mic Pres – API 3124 8 Channels, UA610MKII, VT737sp

Compressors – Distressors, Warm Audio WA76s


Performer – Charlie Strong

Bass – Lull Custom 5 String

Amp / DI – Avalon U5

Compressor – Warm Audio WA76


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