In an earlier post we told you that Native American Music Industry Award winner Kelly Jackson was going to be coming in to record her highly anticipated 2nd album at Whitehouse Productions.  We have since finished pre-production and started tracking the rhythm section.  We can not be more excited!  Kelly’s fans are going to be treated to an amazing marriage of current Rock, Blues, Funk, and Jazz/Chill Music seasoned with Native American Music undertones.

We are using the regions finest players including Dan Cable (Whitehouse Players) on drums, Charlie Strong (Whitehouse Players) on bass, Scott Kirby on acoustic guitar, Alex Wilson (WAMI Award Winner Alex Wilson Band) on guitar, Kipp WIlde (Windsor Drive) on keyboards and Peter Phippen on flutes.  The record is being produced, recorded and mixed by Marty Cheyka.


Tech Notes:

Performer – Dan Cable
Kit – Yamaha Oak Custom
Snare – Porkpie, Allegra
Mics – U87, 421s, 52s, KSM44s, KM184s, KSM 137s, Sub Kick
Pres – API, Neve, and Amek

Bass Guitar
Bass – Charlie Strong
Kit – Lull 5 String
Mics/DI – Avalon U5 – Reamp

Acoustic Guitar
Performer – Scott Kirby
Kit – Martin D-28 Marquis
Mics – U87, SM81
Pres – Amek, API

Electric Guitar
Performer – Alex Wilson
Kit – Fender Strat, Custom ES-335
Amp – Fender Blues Jr
Mics – TLM102, Royer 121
Pres – Focusrite, API

Performer – Kelly Jackson
Mics – Lauten Oceanus
Pres – UA610mkII

Check out the “sneak peak” video!  And, check back often to see and hear the progress of Kelly’s record.
For more information about Kelly Jackson visit:

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