Main Room

We’ve got lava lamps built into the input panel wall!  This room HAS to be vibey then right?!  The Main Room was built to be a cozy, tight sounding drum room.  Its large enough to cut a full band, but great attention was paid to keeping the otherwise large-room reverberation time to a minimum.  It smooth frequency response is attributed to slat resonators, diffusion wall, and broadband absorbers that are strategically placed throughout the room.

The Main Room is roughly 25’ x 30’ with 14’ ceilings.  There are no parallel walls, virtually eliminating wacky acoustic anomalies like standing waves and flutter echos associated with “normal rooms”…so in short…it sounds good!  This room has great sight lines to both the Control Room, Vocal Room and Amp Room.  As well, it is right next to a wonderful sounding, reverberant entryway where we do some really creative micing of the drum kit.

As with all of the rooms in the studio, it features a 16 Channel, fully recallable cue system for each musician.  Thats right – “MORE ME” for everybody!!!  Musicians can individually customize their headphone mix to their liking and save it for later recall if needed.

This room is also great for cutting vocals, acoustics and electric guitars.