Our daughter started school this past year and is a kindergartner at Maine Elementary.  We wanted to get involved to become more informed about the schools educational system so we decided to join their PTO.  The PTO plays an important role in providing educational opportunities for students when school funding isn’t available.  They fund transportation for field trips, bring in various programs for in house assemblies and has been able to purchase several new technology Smart Boards that are now in the classrooms at Maine.  In order to provide these educational opportunities they rely on fundraisers throughout the school year.  We presented the idea of recording a cd of the kids singing, to help raise money.  They loved the idea and once the students learned they would be recording a cd, they were super excited.  It was decided that we would record the songs that would be performed at this years upcoming spring concert.We had such a fun day with the students!  You could see their excitement and curiousty when they entered the room and saw all the recording equipment.  The cd will be available for purchase at their upcoming spring concert. We would like to thank music teacher Darcy Johnson and all the members of the Maine Elementary PTO for giving us this opportunity.







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