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Mixing is the process of EQ-ing, processing, and balancing multiple sources in a recording into a two-channel pre-master.  The goal is to make the recording sound as good as possible for the mastering process.  Beyond basic mixing treatment, the mix process actually takes on an important creative role in itself.  Adding reverbs, delays, panoramic placement, creative processing and editing will add elements to the song that the artist or producer may never had thought of.  Having the right mix engineer is imperative and can take a good song to a whole new level.

Beyond having the right mix engineer, equipment plays an integral part in the “sound” of the mix.  Using the industry’s most iconic hardware and software, we have the tools necessary to achieve the “sound” your mixes deserve.

Our mix process starts with communication between the artist and mix engineer as to what the desired end result is.  Once the general mix is “dialed” in, the artist is then invited to listen and offer their insight in which revisions may take place.  Depending on the complexity of the song and the instruments involved, a mix can take as little as a couple hours and as much as a couple days!   It is after this process that mastering takes place.