Maine Elementary PTO Fundraiser

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Our daughter started school this past year and is a kindergartner at Maine Elementary.  We wanted to get involved to become more informed about the schools educational system so we

Welcoming New Assistant Engineer Austin Maas To Our Team

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We would like to welcome Austin Maas to the Whitehouse Productions team!  He is taking on the job as our new Assistant Engineer.  His passion for music and willingness to

Kelly Jackson Studio Sneak Peek

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In an earlier post we told you that Native American Music Industry Award winner Kelly Jackson was going to be coming in to record her highly anticipated 2nd album at

Mad Mad Ones Studio Sneak Peek

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In an earlier post you read that the Mad Mad Ones were in the studio and were in the pre-production recording stage for their upcoming album. 

Mad Mad Ones In The Studio!

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The Mad Mad Ones are in the studio this summer working on their latest album.  Their sound is something that is a little bit old school Sabbath, a little bit