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“Why drive hours and waste thousands when the superior recording studio and engineer is right in your backyard. “

~Nick Bretl,
Mad Mad Ones / Vapeland Records

Marty and Shelby Cheyka of Whitehouse Audio are a powerful duo in the sound and video recording industry in central WI.  Their reputation is stellar and widely acclaimed.  Hip Pocket feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them for sound reinforcement and video recording for the band.  We feel they are an integral part of our team and we would never consider contracting a performance without them.  Hip Pocket has many moving parts with 10 musicians on stage . We depend on Marty to isolate these ten pieces and to broadcast our sound to the audience side of the stage in a manner that totally compliments our musical presentation.  He does this at an extremely high quality level in a very professional manner.  He manipulates the high frequency tones, controlling the mid range mix while bringing the bass to your sternum, all the while floating the vocals of four different singers across the top of it all.  He is a master at his craft.  We all feel strongly about the stamp he puts on the band.  We “won’t leave home without him!! ”  Shelby is a dedicated videographer whose crystal clear HD video captures the essence of the band in a stunning and masterful way.  Her design skills are remarkable and she frames the band in an interesting and complimentary manner.  We continue to be amazed by the magic she creates with her camera’s lens.  Together they have helped Hip Pocket attain our goals much faster than we imagined possible.  We continue to hear great comments from the crowd, at every performance, regarding the quality of our sound.  We will continue to maintain our business relationship with Marty and Shelby as we grow and evolve.  We all understand how important they are to our success.

~Joe Fittante,
Hip Pocket Band

Whitehouse Audio comfortably sits in the company of other top tier recording studios in North America. The combination of their careful selection of the right gear, a great room, the ridiculously talented session musicians, and Marty’s gifted ability to engineer and mix with un-compromised detail result in records that are not only radio ready, but are “Presidential”!

~Joe Ellis, artist “Joe.e” and owner of JEM Productions