Tracking is the single most important part of the production process.  Aside from the musicians being well rehearsed and playing their parts as well as possible, there is a technical aspect that is equally important.  The audio engineer is responsible for capturing the sounds being played.  After initial tracking, the talent will perform overdubs as necessary.

Having the right room, microphones for a given instrument, microphone techniques and placement and front-end equipment play a big role in the sonic imprint of the recording.  Whitehouse Productions provides its clients with a wonderful sounding acoustic space and a great pallet of sounds to chose from via a great selection of microphones, preamps and compressors.

Quite often, artists and bands do not have the quality instruments it requires to make 1st class recordings.    They are generally in disrepair and not up to par for the very revealing recording process.  If this is the case, we offer quality instruments and amplifiers for use during your session.